We Focus on Helping Law Firm 401(k) Plan Sponsors in Three Ways:

  • Saving them Time and Money
  • Mitigating their Fiduciary Liability Exposure
  • Hyper-Personalizing their Participant Experience

Law Firms are complex organizations with intense workplace environments. Why then, do so many firms settle for plain, off-the-shelf 401(k) plan offerings sold to every other industry and profession?

Perhaps they didn’t know they had a choice, until now. After consulting with leading ERISA attorneys and fiduciaries, Jeff Acheson, a trusted authority and leader in the retirement plan industry, used a ten-step process to develop the ASG 401(k) Plan for Law Firms.

This plan is designed to be the model other law firm plans are benchmarked against.

Relationships Matter Even with our focus on building a new industry standard, we still consider ourselves to be more in the relationship business than the plan business. We believe every individual in the firm deserves a personalized plan for financial independence. To that end, we offer access to the planning tools, educational resources, and individual advice needed to map out a strategy for the accomplishment of personal financial goals and objectives.

How Does Your Plan Stack-Up? To benchmark your existing plan against our ten-step process, use the checklist below to determine if your firm might benefit from exploring what the ASG 401(k) Plan for Law Firms has to offer select firm profiles.