Planning Center

ASG is committed to helping people plan for and protect their financial independence by providing access to the tools, information and resources necessary to explore, design and execute a personalized plan. You decide. We guide. Your choice.

A Financial Planning App for Investors

Financial Planning shouldn’t be intimidating. Regardless of where you are in your financial journey, MyBlocks offers 33 planning modules that are useful and relevant to your personal planning.

Upcoming Goals

This MyBlocks module provides an analysis to help you identify the monthly savings required to achieve each goal based on the total of all your goals and personal timeline.

Life Insurance Assessment

This MyBlocks module will help you determine the amount of coverage that makes sense to ensure you and your loved ones are protected.

Retirement Funding & Forecasting

This module will help you solve for the annual savings needed to fund your retirement account(s) and help you create your personal vision for retirement.

Long Term Care Analysis

Will unexpected health costs put your retirement at risk? This My
Blocks module allows you to analyze Long Term Care costs and the likelihood of a care event.

Social Security

This MyBlocks module illustrates the impact that Social Security filing timing has on your total lifetime benefit. Don’t get less than you’re entitled to.