Our goal is to focus what we do, what we know and who we know to help our clients:

  • Save Time and Money
  • Simplify their Financial Lives
  • Improve Outcomes and Reduce Risks

Corporate Services

We help business owners enhance, optimize and ultimately monetize their enterprise value through strategies at the intersection of financial and human capital. Our process can be comprehensive via an integrated approach, or modular with focus on a specific goal or objective. 

  • Qualified Plan Fiduciary Advisors and Investment Managers 
  • Executive Benefits and Key Employee Retention Strategies 
  • Cash Reserve and Investment Portfolio Management 
  • Succession, Transition & Exit Planning 

See the ASG Corporate Planning Process here

Financial Planning

We believe every working and retired American deserves a personalized plan for financial independence. Our approach starts with delivering access to an affordable planning platform that can span a lifetime of career changes, personal and family evolutions and even potential geographic relocations. Our Financial Independence Platform (FIP) of partners, products and services provides the guidance, tools and resources needed to design and execute a thoughtful and visualized path to achieving financial goals. A few areas of focus are: 

  • Cash Flow and Budget Analysis 
  • Asset Allocation Customization 
  • Retirement Readiness Projections 
  • Social Security Optimization 
  • Account Aggregation Technology 

See the ASG 7 Step Process for Financial Independence planning here

Investment Planning

Our experience, credentialed expertise and sophisticated resources allow us to help our clients manage assets through their lifetimes pursuing a balance between growth opportunities, capital preservation, risk management and tax-efficient income generation. Inherent in our planning approach are strategies that also address any multi-generational, legacy and charitable goals and objectives our clients may have.  

  • Portfolio Risk Assessment
  • Portfolio Accumulation
  • Tax Management Strategies
  • Alternative Investment Access
  • Total Fee Transparency

See our Building Blocks of Portfolio Construction here

Risk Management

Life and success have inherent risks that can derail even the most carefully crafted plans. We help our clients assess and address those unexpected events that can undermine or even destroy years of prudent planning, discipline and sacrifice. 

  • Comprehensive Insurance Review
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability
  • Long-Term Care
  • Creditor Risk Management

See our overview of Asset Protection Strategies here that can help protect you from creditors, predators, pretenders and confiscators. 

Estate Planning Strategies

Financial planning is about making one’s assets last a lifetime. Estate planning comes into play when current success or future projections indicate assets will last beyond one’s lifetime. Whether the focus is planning future generations inherit a framework that facilitates success, or funding a chartable cause, we can help ensure your legacy is solidified. 

  • Legacy Planning
  • Insurance & Beneficiary Audits
  • Wealth Transfer
  • Charitable Giving
  • Trust Asset Management

Watch this 1:31 minute video on The Power of A Trust