"We help law firms reimagine how they recruit, reward, and retain top talent while enhancing the financial futures of partners, associates and staff."

Jeff Acheson CPWA®, CFP®, CPFA, AIF®, CEPA®, NQPA, CAPP,
Certified Private Wealth Advisor®

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The ASG Value Proposition for Law Firms

A Financial Independence Platform of Partners, Products and Services Built to Deliver Customization, Sophistication and Personalization

My name is Jeff Acheson and as you will see from my bio, I have a long and influential career within the retirement plan industry since installing my first 401(k) plan in the early 80’s when they were still considered a loophole in the tax code. I am now focusing my extensive experience, expertise, relationships and team resources on the unique financial independence planning needs of law firms and lawyers. To help guide our path, we created an advisory council of lawyers and legal industry experts to provide us with input and insight. Based upon that guidance we then assembled a stable of industry partners who understand our mission and are committed to helping us execute our strategy of a Customization Continuum for select Law Firm Profiles.

If you want to explore how the Core Services of our Financial Independence Platform can take your firm from commoditization to customization, simply call or reach out to us below to schedule a complimentary get-acquainted conversation.