76% of business owners hope to monetize the value of their business within the next ten years. Yet, most do not have a written plan of how to do so, with many having no plan at all.*

As a result, many businesses do not sell for full value, if they sell at all!

We can help turn hope into a strategy!

*Source: Exit Planning Institute 

Building an organization of significance, pride and value is a lifelong passion for most business owners. Their impact on our national economy and the lives of those who work for and depend upon them cannot be overstated! Our focus is on helping business owners with the key drivers that enhance enterprise value, leading to thoughtfully crafted succession and exit strategies. 

Focus Areas: 

  • Human and intellectual capital are increasingly critical components of a company’s viability, potential and valuation. We are always seeking ways, both traditional and innovative, to help a business recruit, reward and retain those identified as mission critical drivers of an organization’s success, enterprise value and impact in the marketplace. 
  • A healthy business typically holds significant financial assets on their balance sheet as contingency capital for emergencies and opportunities. Creating and managing a fortress balance sheet requires an Advisor with the expertise and resources needed to deliver innovative and creative strategies that navigate complicated GAAP guidelines, liquidity requirements and corporate covenants. 
  • Ultimately, the final chapter of the journey for a business owner is being thoughtful and deliberate about monetizing enterprise value and enjoying the fruits of their vision, sacrifice and a lifetime of work. ASG stands ready to quarterback a team focused on the transition process that leads to an exit with style. 

Everybody has a plan; some are by design, and some are by default. Designed plans pursue pre-determined outcomes while default plans usually suffer unintended consequences.

What kind of plan do you have?

Watch this one-minute video to learn more about “Exiting with Style”