We help financially successful attorneys build tax-deferred wealth, reduce lifetime tax liabilities, and create tax-free retirement income.

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Many financially successful attorneys turn to Cash Balance Pension Plans, even with their inherent employee funding and administrative costs, to accumulate sufficient capital on a tax-advantaged basis to help fund a worry-free lifestyle in retirement.

Little do they realize that provisions in the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the 2020 SECURE Act could make these plans the epitome of tax inefficiency. In many situations, the annual tax savings realized from deductible plan contributions will be negated by higher lifetime tax liabilities on their cumulative retirement distributions. This impact may be exacerbated by the income and estate taxes owed by heirs after their death.

What if there was a Cash Balance Plan alternative without contribution limits, Roth IRA tax features, no required employee contributions and no TPA administrative costs?

Introducing the Attorney Life Income Plan

Everybody has a plan; some are by design, and some are by default. Designed plans pursue pre-determined outcomes while default plans usually suffer unintended consequences.

What kind of plan do you have?